Green! We like the Earth, and are betting you do, too

Here are the things we do to make our office and practice as green as possible:

  • Paperless office. Treatment plans, schedules, records, and reminders are all done electronically. Don’t worry about misplacing an important document, just search for it in your email!
  • Metal free dentistry. Better for you as a patient AND the environment.
  • Digital x-rays. No waiting for film to develop, plus it makes it seem like you’re the hero in a science fiction show and there are no nasty chemicals to dispose of!
  • Environmentally safe disinfectant. Kill the germs, not the plants!
  • Amalgam separator. When a dentist places or removes a restoration, very small pieces of amalgam are released. (You might know “amalgam restoration” as “that silver-colored stuff that is sometimes used for fillings”.) These pieces usually collect in the office wastewater, and then go into the public sewer system. But not at the New Face of Dentistry!  We use an amalgam separator to collect those pieces released from a restoration so they can be salvaged, instead of working their way into the sewer system. The New Face of Dentistry is a proud metal-free office, we don’t use amalgam or metal in restorations-metal-free is less intrusive, conservative in nature and looks better and more natural.
  • Low voltage lighting. No, our staff is NOT working in the dark, (we’re a dental practice, not a nightclub), but our lighting is energy-efficient and bright.